miss my friend

Beautifully interwoven between us
Accompaniment jokes and laughter
Blossomed in a togetherness
Between us and everything.

Now the time has come.
The sun had already put out the light
Hiding sinking in the west
Then come back the next morning

Despite heavy spoken word
Although the heart is not receiving
However this may be a destiny
Tuk passed a farewell
Separation only temporarily

O my friend ..
I write poetry just for everything
All about love and togetherness
Family ties that we have developed
During the three years ..

This story may be a beautiful story
Stories about the most wonderful experience
While sitting in school
With him, and with it all ..

Sharing jokes, sorrow and laughter
Full harass us all day
But not forever
Drug is only when his grief
Nostalgia with the school year ..

O my friend ..
I’m saying goodbye
I hope someday succeed together
Together we share a story
About life that is so beautiful.

Goodbye friend ..
Good luck to all.


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