Full Name: Jordi Alba Ramos
  Place of Birth: L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Spain
Date of Birth: March 21, 1989
Nationality: Spain
Position: Midfielder
Playing in the Club: Valencia

Jordi Alba Ramos was born in Barcelona on March 21, 1989. The player with the height 170 centimeters from the beginning it plays for FC Barcelona (1998-2005). Chose not to continue a career in Barcelona, Jordi Alba joined the EU Cornella during the 2005-2007 season. At the end of season 2006/2007 that Jordi Alba moved to Valencia, but played only one season in the teams based in the Mestalla. A year later (2008/2009) Alba actually strengthens Gimnastic Tarragona in 35 games before finally returning to Valencia in the season 2009/2010. Valencia felt compelled to pull back a player who is given a charming appearance in Gimnastic Tarragona. Valencialah Jordi Alba in La Liga play until the season 2011/2012.

Jordi Alba defends the Spanish national team since 2008, playing in the UEFA level under the age of 19 where he played for four games that ended with Spain winning the gold medal in 2009 in Mediterranenan Games. He also became part of the Spanish squad in the FIFA U-20 in 2009 in Egypt.

In the Euro 2012 tournament is Jordi Alba became the only player in La Roja squad that has never won the title. Responding to the win over Italy and its success scored. Jordi Alba feels like not believing.




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